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Specialized Services

Pre Employment Verification:

Detective Pakistan, in employment references before the recruitment and prior to submitting application to a potential employer, assures for the accuracy of the employment referred and has been providing job seekers with professional confidential verifications of their employment. We do all such verifications discretely without jeopardizing the identity of employer / employee.

Post Employment Screening:

After inducting an individual, there are larking apprehensions about someone as the saying goes “Don’t hire a liar”. Our comprehensive backgrounds checks can save your company money and embarrassment down the road. In order to assist the client to place the right person at the right place, we undertake investigation / verification of such listed prospective candidates.



Mystery Shopping:

Undercover / Mystery shopping are the eyes & ears for feeding back the required information enabling the client to take decision / action at the right time. Pilferage and thefts are epidemic in industries godowns and business houses through innovative practices.  Our trained staff can be placed undercover on strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep an eye on activities to find out mucky happenings. This can enable the employer to take corrective and prompt action.

Our detective as customer can give you the true picture about employee’s dealing, behavior and services being provided to a customer.


Real Estate Sale & Purchase and Legar Consultancy services to Pakistani and living abroad Pakistanis:

If you plan to buy certain property, Detective Pakistan can help you to find out, if it is disputed or clear in all aspect. In disputed cases we also provide legal consultancy. We also provide services to Pakistani residents as well as to those who are living in foreign countries, regarding the market value of  their  required property which they want to buy or sell.

We deal in wide range of quality property options ranging from luxurious residential to commercial properties  which includes homes, apartments, flats, villas, farm houses, residential land/plots and commercial land, plots, shops in markets and plazas specially in D.H.A  Lahore, D.H.A Karachi, D.H.A Islamabad and all approved schemes.