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We provide cost effective services customized for your individual needs. We are here to help you!

Detective Pakistan is a premier service provider consultant company. You can be assured that all services 100% confidential. All efforts will be focused to satisfy your required objectives.

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I am please to Introduce Detective Pakistan on Web Site and obliged of my colleagues and friends who, after my retirements from F.I.A; where i spent 30 years of my life, encouraged me to do something instead of sitting idle. My Team Members & my friends, mostly retired Officers from F.I.A; Police, Custom/Sales Tax,Income tax and Audit & Accounts, formed a consultant/investigation company. The main object was to keep ourselves busy and to use our experience, which we have in different fields where we served, to solve the problems of needy, as a team work. Our Services are offered to every individual, to Firm, Company, Banks and Govt. investigation and much more. It was also our aim to help and guide those individuals who do not understand law and don't have resources to get justice. Even to give right advice at right time can help a lot to a needy person.It was also our target to encourage the qualified dynamic youth to learn, understand and to work in present uncertain atmosphere, as a member of our team, instead of sitting idle. Al-Hamdulillah we have established our selves and at present have a good experienced team of experts of all fields with us to solve your all major problems.Our Team is thankful to all who suggested, guided, helped and encouraged us to form this set up. We will welcome, further, any good advice from any quarter. We are here to solve your problems.