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Legal & Federal Laws Services
Relating to matters under FIA scheduled offences / PPC and NAB Ordinance 1999:

Need advice? Get information from the professionals. We are specialized in providing professional consultation on investigation matters to meet your need / requirement. Detective Pakistan experts provides  professional consultancy / services to business community, government needy officials, banks and others to meet their demand and requirement. Our aim is to serve a wide range of sectors according to their needs.

These services  regarding frauds, forgery, and investigation, are wide range, consisting uppon collecting  evidences,  Preparing fact finding reports and consisting of oral and documentary evidences to fight cases in courts of law.

Our major services into the following matters are as under:

  1. Cases / inquires regarding FIA scheduled offences.
  2. Cases / inquires regarding NAB ordinance and anti-corruption matters.
  3. Cases / inquires relating to bank fraud, corporation and institutions.
  4. Cases under Emmigration  Ordinance.
  5. Cases regarding financial and insurance frauds.
Fact Finding Report:

In order to know truth about the fact of any case/matter/incident which has become a challenge for you. We are here to guide you according to your problem/requirement. It may be fraud in your private business, in banks/institutions/corporations or any sector. On demand, through our expert, keeping in view of all circumstances and examining the relevant record/material/oral or documentary evidence of the incident /assignment, we will conduct inquiry / investigation into the matter and finalize report.

Litigation Support / Legal Services :

Our legal experts have excellent experience to assist in preparing for litigation and in designing a settlement strategy. Help is provided to identify and collect required evidence for civil, criminal cases, divorce matters, labor court matters, administrative matters and in locating witnesses besides document collection. The services are fully supported to obtain the desired result of legal remedy in all such cases. In each case our detective identifies and locates relevant information to prepare for pursuing litigation to strengthen evidence in the court similarly services to locate witnesses, obtain documents, background details and other useful facts or weaknesses of the opponent are also provided.

We Assist in the followings.
  1. Developing evidence to substantiate allegation.
  2. Identifying and locating witnesses.
  3. Assessing the opposing party to determine litigation or settlement strategy.
  4. Serving and helping to service legal documents.
  5. To provide photographic evidence.
  6. Testify in the court and provide litigation support.
  7. In divorce cases we assist by finding proofs of infidelity as a reason for divorce or proof of salary or income details for maintenance of claim.
Handwriting Authentication / Analyzing Fingerprints:

We have finest forensic experts who with their modern techniques, even hardly visible fingerprints / foot prints can help to identify the cheater. The extent in misusing handwriting is beyond imagination and astonishing. Unauthorized person may sign cheque of large amounts, person not authorized may issue indents on documents or property may transfer signing bogus signatures etc. To eliminate all such issues, our experts can help to catch the cheater.