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Corporate Services

Assets Verifications and Locations:

Asset details of individuals and institutions are required for various reasons including recovery of debt or during any litigation matter. It also helps various individuals during divorce settlement or any other court proceedings. These verifications of assets owned by an individual or company enable the banks and other financial institutions to recover their dues.

Verification of moveable & immovable assets is very essential in cases related to embezzlement. It is also very necessary  for Claims of bank and non-bank finance companies since their entire financing operation is based on correct verification of assets and is subject matter of mortgage. These assets verification can be divided in four categories:

  1. Property records.
  2. Bank accounts.
  3. Company / institution records.
  4. Vehicle ownership verification.

Consultancy into the matters / Cases relating to income tax, Custom Act and sales tax Act:

Our qualified trained team of experts in the matters relating to Income Tax, Customs, Sales Tax and Import & export provide the following services to our clients:

  • Preparation & filing of Income Tax & Sales Tax Returns
  • Preparation & filing of ‘Refund Cases’
  • Legal aid, in reply of ‘Show-cause’ notices / assessment matters & representation before the Income Tax, Sales Tax, Customs authorities & High Court on behalf of clients
  • Preparation of Book of Accounts / periodic Accounts

Registration of Firms:

We offer services for firm registration, private limited company, public limited company, individual member and association of persons.




Registration of Trademarks & Patent:

We have legal experts who can guide & register your product, trademark  according to your requirements.

We have the ability to obtain evidence for legal matters. Many counterfeit products go undetected because they seem authentic and manufactures are unaware of the problem. Sometime retailer may not realize that they are selling bogus products. Many manufacturers fear that a detected counterfeit once publicized will hurt their reputation and sales. On demand, our expert team can trace out and locate the counterfeiters and their associates. Our team of experts will conduct market survey to seek out the origin of an identified infringed product by ascertaining the product route from source of supply, back to manufacturer.

Corporate Intelligence / Bad Debt Collectors & Recovery Specialist:

We also provide services regarding recovery of bad debts, locating of assets and legal help in court cases

Corporate Frauds in Banks, Corporation & Institutions