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We provide cost effective services customized for your individual needs. We are here to help you!

Detective Pakistan is a premier service provider consultant company. You can be assured that all services 100% confidential. All efforts will be focused to satisfy your required objectives.

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Why Hire Us
  • We are here to resolve client’s problem through skilled experts.
  • We are maintaining the highest level of confidence of the client.
  • We offer viable solution to our clients need.
  • We protect the interest of our client and collect information and evidence as per requirement.
  • We feel pride to take an honest effort each time as assignment is undertaken by us.
  • We are most cost effective consultant company with unmatched quality and foremost services.

Our services are of wide range as you can see on “Services Page”. If some important aspects are neglected at the right time that may cause a huge harm to you or your institution. It has been our experience that if the situation is important and affects your personal, financial future or business is in danger then strong consideration should be given to an investigative verification. We often do not trust our instincts enough. They are usually very accurate. Your sudden notice, in your office, institution, bank or just you as an individual, that important and confidential information leaks out, pilferage in departments or you incur financial loss, all this can be stopped if right steps are taken at the right time. This is where we come into play to avoid such mishaps.

Moreover, in case of any problem regarding heavy assessment of Income Tax / Custom & Sales Tax Cases, non issuance of refund claims from Income Tax & Customs and on any issue regarding filing of appeals against orders passed by these departments in the higher courts, are part of our services. Our experts, senior retired officers of these departments, can provide you consultancy of any kind. One of the most important aspect for hiring us is TRUST. You must feel comfortable and believe that we will attend your request with the utmost effort. Do not be afraid to ask any question before you hire us and have patience and relax after assigning us your problem/issue.